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Is it worth hiring a lawyer? Here is our insight.


At WM LAW, our intention is to show our Added Value providing our clients with outstanding skills, expert and sensible advice, being consistently responsive and assisting them throughout their transactions.
As any service implies a cost, here at WM LAW our main concern is to convince our clients that the benefits are worthwhile in terms of savings, comfort, peace of mind, new prospects).
WM LAW charges an hourly rate inline with the market as below:
  • Partner: 250€ per hour (VAT excluded);
  • Senior associate: 220€ per hour (VAT excluded);
  • Junior associate: 180€ per hour (VAT excluded).
Of course, we do not just add up working hours.
As we assist in a broad range of transactions, we first establish a bespoke estimate
(in which we state « a number of services » including a review of your needs, technical specifications, the budget (fees and expenses) plus the deadlines).
Regarding tax and litigation matters, we like to put our fate in our clients’ hands. We then propose an alternative method of payment based on a flat rate + success fees (or contingency fees) depending on the legal complexity and the issues at stake.
Our approach is quite simple: come and visit us, let’s have a cup of coffee and discuss the matter. We’ll send you an estimate within a few days.

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Expertise field

WM LAW deals with many aspects of business law in France and worldwide. This enables the firm to advise its clients on their transactions and represent them in litigation matters.